Your Life Your Words

Don't let the sun set

before you record your special words!

Your “I love you” will be heard forever

More than your words, you can also record your voice, your expressions, your laugh, the turn of phrase which makes you uniquely you, with a special film recording.
Relaxed at home, with just a few questions from your interviewer and minimal editing, you will be able to share some snippets of wisdom and messages from the heart for the special people in your life.
Tell them you love them; allow them to hear it, see it, feel it forever with this priceless gift.

Your “I love you” will be heard forever

The videos are only edited slightly as we like to keep them as authentic as possible.

The final video will be up to 15 minutes in duration. This may not seem very long, but we can assure you when you are sitting in front of a camera for 15 minutes it can feel like a lifetime!

“The sound of your voice reminds me that the world can be a safe place.”

- Christy Ann Martine (poet)

Beyond the grave

The video is all about what you would like to say directly to your loved ones…

Imagine your grandchildren watching you say

“Don’t forget about how much I love you”

Your loved ones will treasure your words, your voice

… for many years to come!

Whilst sipping on champagne